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Lance Patrick Liebenberg

Lance qualified as a Nutritional Therapist from The Health Sciences Academy in the UK, with specific focus in correcting nutritional deficiencies, epigenetics, weight loss management, sports nutrition and healthy weight gain (bodybuilding), where he received his Professional Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (Prof Dip NT).

Lance has always had a passion for health, having a background in martial arts and exercise. Nutrition was an eventual path for him to follow as he has a strong passion and thrives off of helping people reach their weight, nutrition and health goals. As Lance has an extensive IT background, he has incorporated his IT and Nutrition skills to provide a full On-Line consultation solution. This was done in order to fit in with people’s busy schedules and afford them the possibility of benefiting from a personalised nutritional plan from the comfort of their own environment.

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Unfortunately there is soo much information out there concerning diets and eating correctly but not everything you read is actually scientifically correct.

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