I would like to congratulate you at this point for making it this far, because you have realised that you are not as healthy as you could or want to be, and something needs to change! This is sometimes a very painful realisation.

By now you have realised that what you are or aren’t eating is affecting your health!

You have also realised that you need to change your eating habits in order to help your body be healthier, as you can not continue on your current course and expect your body to be able to heal itself and recuperate correctly and efficiently.

It is at this point that I step in and help you on your journey to becoming a better, healthier, happier YOU!

Your body is a remarkable machine that can repair itself, grow stronger, fight off sickness and adapt to physical and mental stimuli.

My job is to help you give your body the correct food it needs to be able to perform all of these amazing tasks with efficiency.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to guide you scientifically, in your journey towards better health!

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