On-line personal weight loss plan


Personal on-line weight loss plan


  1. Your weight gain probability based off of your current eating habits.
  2. Your guide to choosing healthy food.
  3. Tips on preparing food for optimal nutrition and health.
  4. A complete list of your Nutritional Deficiencies!
  5. Your personalized Nutritional Plan, based off of your nutritional deficiencies.
    • Top foods for each particular nutrient
    • Promoters: The nutrients that aid in the absorption of the main nutrients.
    • Top Supplements: The best supplements for each particular nutrient.
    • Adversaries: Things to avoid which stop the absorption of the required nutrients.
  6. Guidelines on how many carbohydrates to eat
  7. Guidelines on how much protein to eat
  8. Guidelines on correct hydration
  9. 3 Week weight loss eating plan


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